For years, we've managed influencer marketing activities for brands and sourced influencers to work on these brand activations. We noticed there is a huge amount of aspiring influencers out there who have the potential to grow their brand but, they don't know how to navigate their way into the industry.


If you're ready to start collaborating with brands but unsure how - here's a guide to help you do so.


We've put together an email template and an example to show you the best way to contact a brand via email to get you the highest chance of securing a paid collaboration.


Who is this for?

This email template is for aspiring influencers who want to get paid collaborations with brands. If you're already an influencer, this will help you to construct your email in a way that can help you get more brand collaborations.


What will this email template do?

It will ensure you have included all the relevant information constucted in a digestable way that makes the decision making process easier for the brand.


How many times can I use it?

Once you download the document, it is your to keep forever. All you have to do is copy and paste the template into your email and add your information where directed. This email template will allow you to confidently contact the brands you desire to collaborate with on a regular basis.

How To Contact Brands For Paid Collaborations